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Coaching is a critical tool for organizational change – that is needed today more than ever. Change is essential for an organization to grow and adapt to today’s rapidly shifting marketplace, but people and organizations are naturally resistant to change. Coaching can facilitate productive change in persons, teams and systems by enabling leaders, managers and employees to uncover potential that might otherwise go untapped.

Through coaching, leaders learn how to optimize the value of human capital. Coaching creates continuous shifts in thinking, feeling and behaviour and ultimately in performance due to changed beliefs, thoughts and actions.

It gives Leaders a clear understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities which then creates an opportunity to discuss solutions that will address barriers they experience in personal, team and organisational performance.

Our team, led by an International Coaching Federation qualified Coach and a graduate of the prestigious Georgetown University Leadership Coaching programme, has a unique value proposition that has includes coaching experience with Executives at The World Bank, Washington DC, and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Championed by a team of three, all holding a Masters degree qualification, offers a unique combination of skills that understands the SA context. The business, Level 1 BEE, offers a panel of coaches who combine business acumen with psychology background to be able to target ‘Personal Mastery’ as each coachee’s desired end result.

Backed by both blue chip client base and individual clients seeking for behavioural change that can drive leadership growth, it has been both our experience and that of global research that the top areas of improvement with coaching include: People Development: 90%; Relationship with other Managers: 79%; Goal Setting and Prioritization: 88%; Productivity and Engagement: 78% and Communication: 68%.

Those who would benefit from our services and would benefit from our dynamic approach to leadership coaching include: CEO’s and Board Members, Executives and Senior Managers, Teams (under-performing, average, over-performing), Human Capital Practitioners, Team Leaders and individuals with an interest to align their work life to their life mission.


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